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Democracy in an island

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” Singapore is a country with a developed mentality but third world democracy, Malaysia on the other hand is a country with a third world mentality but with a first world democracy.”

I quote this from the Straits Times today and take keen interest on the issue.

I believe that democracy is only effective in the hands of responsible and intelligent people. People who speak out for the greater cause of many, than one’s personal agenda.

Too much democracy I reckon can be detrimental to the efficiency of running and implementing a constitution.

Before we go on, let me define democracy : The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.

The reason why Singapore can transform itself into a first world nation in its short history is because we practice selective democracy.We might not have the freedom of speech with regards to politics, but, we damn well have the liberty to build a name, a career and a life in this country.

Singapore government’s master plan

1) Create a general environment where the masses are satisfied with life, and will thus be resistant to change. How to achieve that? Ensure public safety, provide affordable housing, create a first class infrastructure to work and play in.

2) Ensure that the creme de la creme of the population gain employment to the  government or the very least maintain ties with them. How to achieve that? Award government linked scholarships in eye of future employment in the government or private sector. Create a circle of elitists and ensure that the powerful families establish ties with them.

3) Enticing expatriates who are mostly holding high positions from the private sector with its citizenship merits and the finer things in life that our country has to offer. Basically keeping them contended.

By using the guidelines stated above, only a small handful of intelligent, responsible people might take up the task of joining an opposition political party which in all truth, lack the resources to be a formidable threat.

There are also an increasing number of people like me as well. We appreciate the comforts and safety net of the country, but we rather call ourselves global citizens. Exploration and experiencing  other countries is top of our list of life’s priorities. Thus, we do not get involved much with the running of a country, as long as it gives us a good ground for education and aplenty opportunities to grow.


Written by Nabs

September 3, 2009 at 3:36 pm

Posted in MIND, Politics

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