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The Currency of Life

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As a currency trader, I deal with various currencies everyday. The flow of capital from different countries spurred by rational and irrational sentiment, perceptions and data never fails to amaze me. Like an inquisitive child, sitting in front of the computer, trying to make sense of the world and make educated bets on the currency market based on those information, I simply love it.  At the end of day, if we take away all the mambo jumbo, we are actually just trading paper. Even more so after the Bretton Woods system of pegging the US dollar to gold collapsed in 1971.

Dealing with money on a daily basis, I sometimes question myself on what is money actually? I mean if we are chasing it for the majority of our lives, talking about in almost all our conversations, isn’t it only right to explore it in greater detail?

Well, money that we use in our daily life is merely a medium of transaction for the exchange of goods and services. The value of it is created by the forces of trade and financial flows in each country’s  balance of payments. And then of course there are the traders and speculators that can move the value of a currency based on perceptions.

Now, with the introduction of money out of the way, I attempt to understand money, like a master taming his beast, in effort to not be a slave of it. Does keeping a large amount of a medium make us happy? Definitely not. If a gardener were to keep a large amount of fertilizers, it does not make him a  happier man. But if he uses these fertilizers to make his flowers bloom so that he can share them with his love ones, now that will definitely give him a sense of happiness and fulfillment.  Thus, it’s always the potential, in this sense using money to possess something new and of perceived value that gives us happiness. It’s like a pat in the back saying, “you did great dude…”

However, will this effect lasts indefinitely, do we always feel thrilled or pleased whenever we purchase  material goods?

I reckon that once our basic needs are fulfilled, additional wants like an iPod player or a branded handbag actually becomes a need, thus starting a vicious cycle of chasing  the wants that became needs. This cycle will vary from one to another, depending on many elements like,  society pressures, upbringing and character. Thus it is very important that we set goals on how much is enough in terms of material goods, because in the long run, materialism will negatively affect our well-being, chasing with no end in sight. It’s like when you run in a marathon, when you are at the last 10km or so, they have big placards along the way that reads: “Almost there, you can do it!” encouraging runners on. Problem is, you keep seeing theses signs  again and again at the 8km mark, 5km mark, 3km mark, and your expectation on seeing the finish line gets stronger and stronger  (only that you still don’t see it), till you get real frustrated and tired at the end of the day.

After a particular goal is attained and when you feel that material goods does not bring us that much contentment anymore, start using money for altruistic ways and I’m sure that an even bigger form of elation and pleasure ensues.

We all now understand that money is merely a medium of transaction. What then, is the real currency of life? Experience in my humble opinion. Our experiences, whether good or bad, mould us into who we are today. How many of us remember and cherish the day we saved enough and bought our first car as compared to that surprise trip that your loved one planned for you? That’s because the joy of owning the car fades, but memories will always be there of us to relive the moment.  That’s precisely why I created this blog, to pen down my experiences and thoughts so that I’ll be “rich” in terms of memories when I age and move on. There’s nothing more satisfying to me than reflecting on my experiences, learning and reliving it in my head.  We therefore need to create a life that is enlightening, filled with love, passion and gratitude to create more positive experiences.

What stops us from attaining these goals? – the perceived currency of life – Money.


Written by Nabs

April 2, 2010 at 6:31 am

Posted in MIND, Ramblings

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  1. And you know i agree totally.

    Ur No. 1

    April 2, 2010 at 2:33 pm

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