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The Price of Being Egocentric

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We cannot be egocentric when we are discussing about local politics. Here’s the thing, a majority of us are in the so called middle class bracket and relatively comfortable with our lives.  We are in the so called “comfort zone” But how many of us are willing to take the extra step to read and learn about the plight of the unfortunate and the lower income group? Do we need to wait till the cost of living catches up with the majority middle class, and we feel the pinch; only then we start questioning the relevance and rationale of the policies by our ruling party? We cannot judge government policies by sitting in our nests and admire how beautiful the four walls around us are.

On the flip side, we also cannot point fingers at the government once a policy does not favour us. That’s not taking a macro view of what’s good for the majority. By doing that, one loses credibility too and we are just being labeled as “complain kings.”

There is still a general view that if you are not with the ruling party, you are rebel without a cause. Your motivation of having an alternate view is being questioned and branded egocentric or your source of debate is questionable. However have these people in their “comfort zone” even given themselves a chance to open up their minds and understand national issues more than just scrapping the tip of the iceberg? Are they able to go beyond themselves and empathize with the less privileged? Are they able to take their sense of skepticism away from the opposition and be objective in judging what’s good and bad? Or are they satisfied with what is being fed to them by the mass media which we all know is  an avenue for government propaganda? It is really easy in Singapore to overlook underlying issues, because on the surface, everything seems immaculate. Read, search, understand, analyze, then judge. As a citizen of Singapore, you owe it to yourself.

It’s not a comforting thought that the Singapore education systems promotes elitism and materialism. At the end of the day, of course it’s a choice whether we want to empathize with the lower income or unfortunate. But it’s more than donating that dollar into the donation tin or calling in donations during charity shows. Sometimes, it’s about citizen power and voicing out when government policies are illogical. No government has the right to create a policy and shove it down our throats. Singaporeans must not forget that we have a role to shape the society we want. Do we really want a society where everyone is caught up in the pursuit of materialism and being ignorant to the other less fortunate citizens that fall through policy cracks? If you think that one person has limited power, think again.

I am not saying that all policies are bad, but I just feel that any power at the realm for too long will suffer bouts of complacency. Thus, it’s up to us citizens to empower ourselves and send a wake up call. We need to create a  society that goes beyond just economic figures.  If everyone is willing to delve deeper into government policies, highlight the shortfalls and spread the awareness, the multiplication effect can have an impact.


Written by Nabs

May 14, 2010 at 10:41 am

Posted in MIND, Politics, Ramblings

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  2. Well said!

    But I am a rebel with a cause!

    Name of cause: A piece of Unjust Law called the Land Titles (Strata) Act.

    Do e-mail me at:

    I have some ideas to bounce off you.

    The Pariah,

    The Pariah

    May 19, 2010 at 9:18 pm

  3. […] “Read, search, understand, analyze, then judge. As a citizen of Singapore, you owe it to yourself.” Nabs […]

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