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Tribute to Dr Goh Keng Swee

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I thought this was a fitting tribute that I read from a post in Google groups:

“The key attribute of Dr Goh was his selflessness, not working for
money, glory or power, but for the people, in fact he started his
career as a social welfare officer.

He was one of the main reason PAP was popular, by his care for the
people. When he stepped down in 1984 with the old guard, people
lamented the loss of a kind leader and wondered whether things will be
the same after that.

He was different from the new gd in many ways:

He was selfless, the new gd  promoted themself
He walk the talk, while others just talk
He was revolutionary, while the new gd is evolutionary

He was not working for money, while the new gd get the world highest
government pay
He was the architect, the builder, inventor while the new gd are the
car tuning mechanic,   repair technician.
It seemed like he cooked rice for the country, while the new gd just
reheat it
He was like the Abraham Lincoln of Singapore while the new gd is like
the Bush of Singapore
He challenged the current thinking while the new gd try to maintain
status quo
He had written innovative, life changing ministerial papers, essays
while the new gd just rehash it, changing the sentence structure, the
punctuation, the tenses.

He serves to get win win for the people and government, while new gd I
win you loose
He did not have to worry about defeat in polls, the new gd has to
tweak the system to prevent defeat
He went all out to contribute to the people, the new gd went all out
to defend themselves, protecting their own belly, their high salary

He built the structure to create wealth while the new gd gamble it
He formulated the MNC, GLC strategy and was successful while new gd
should have revised it to version 2 to develop promising local
enterprise like Taiwan, Korea did with their Samsung, LG, Acer, TSMC,
but instead new gd only have Chartered Semicon and most MNC gone.
He developed Jurong, JTC successfully, but new gd should have revised
the strategy but instead let it rot
He setup GIC to invest with prudence, economic research & due
diligence but new gd invest with gut feeling and risked it
He setup RAF and required reasonable contribution from people, the new
gd squeeze every once out of the men
He encouraged people to work hard to gain wealth while new gd built
casino for people to loose it”

– lasttrumpet


Written by Nabs

May 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Posted in MIND, Politics

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